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Background Story

Freshly ground scent is different

Aroma is an important element of taste

When you put spices into a pepper mill,
it is common to leave it as it is usually for several months.
Especially in a humid environment, it will be humid inside the container.
To make it more fragrant, adding roast and heat is structurally difficult.
Depending on the material, the size and shape of the mill's teeth do not match.
The skin of nuts is clogged and it is not a structure that cooks fresh
and moisture-rich incense herbs and condiments.

It is structurally difficult to select and replace, clean and dry the teeth of the mill
that is most suitable for each food of different size, shape and thinness.

In many pepper mills every time they are ground and used,
all the ground and crushed spices do not go out and seem to go back inside.
The amount increases as you use, and it gets moist in the container in a humid environment.

The latest electric cooking utensil that can be cut easily, pulverized, mixed, whisked.
It becomes thinner, finer, powder, particulate in a short time,
the ingredients will be softer, lighter and more palatable.

However, it seems to be difficult to adjust delicate cooking
to leave chewy texture of the original food ingredients.

Many of the latest cooking methods make it lighter, softer, and smoother
from original texture and texture of the material.

However, there is a rich aroma of the original ingredients which are released
only after being bitten by the original hardness and shape of the material.

The sensitivity of the Japanese to not cook too much

Which is the most delicious type of nuts such as halls, dies, powders (poodles)?

For too much cooked nuts, much of the Crispy texture is lost even with the original smell of fertility.

Leaving the texture, moderately crushed nuts are hidden
at the moment they chewed in the mouth,
they also hide the fragrance that goes through the nasal cavity, which is exceptionally delicious.

Luxury cooking ingredients in front
More compact and easy to use
Design to blend into everyday life

With the evolution of humanity, food culture has matured in various countries.

A variety of cooking utensils have been produced one after another historically,
but many of them have the form of "stick".

Stone age, ancient cooking methods

Because methods and tools do not develop, they are not cooked too much,
so there was a rich texture and aroma of the original ingredients.

Memory of ancient cuisine

Memory and sensation that mankind had the first tools